The process of creation Genesis pen&ink drawings

However, the theme of a creation of the world has occupied my mind since long ago, it is not until 2014 when I started to create my first pen&ink drawing on Genesis theme. With a starting work called Thorn Apart I didn’t know where the theme actually would lead me. At first, I struggled to learn new technique and fought a battle with my eyes that rejected to see well all the tiniest dots and lines. Yet with a help of a magnifing glass I managed to move forward. And thus, after a month of a consistent work the first pen&ink work was ready. Not as great as I intended it was, but I was glad to see it completed. I knew I will love this very demanding technique. It reminds me of my beloved black and white art, prints in particular, I have done during fine art studies.

Next stage, I focused on it was the beginning of a creation process – the thought born from chaos. And to show this, inevitably the image of an eye appered in my mind combined with a wirl stirring The Big Energy. Thus, after another month of labour, pen&ink Chaos drawing was born from tiny dots and lines. One of my beloved works from Genesis series. The following drawings were Creation of Light, God’s Breath, Creation of Plants and then Creation of a Human Being.

The Genesis series is still open and I am occupied with a creation of new works. The last one, called Creation of Wind I completed in Autumn 2018. To see the whole series of my Genesis pen&ink drawings, visit my PORTFOLIO >

Below, you can see some stages of creating one of my pen&ink drawings. I start work with drafting general idea and composition. Then, the draft is copied to the piece of paper, on which I draw the whole picture. The process usually takes up a few hours a day for approximately a month.