Creation of pen & ink drawings on Genesis theme – the process

Although, the theme of a creation of the world has occupied my mind since Fine Art studies, it is not until 2014 when I started to create my first pen & ink drawing on Genesis theme. With a starting work Thorn Apart tree trunk, I didn’t know where the theme actually would lead me.

At first, I struggled to learn new technique and fought a battle with my eyes that rejected to see well all the tiniest dots and lines. Yet with a help of a good magnifing glass I managed to move forward. After a month of a consistent work my first pen & ink work was ready. It was not as great as I intended, but I was glad to see it completed. I got truly excited with this very demanding technique. It reminds me of my beloved black and white printing art I specialized during university studies, aquatints in particular.

The next stage I focused on, it was the beginning of a creation process. The thought born from chaos in particular. And to show this, the image of an eye appeared in my mind combined with a wirl stirring The Big Energy. Thus, after another month of persistent work, pen & ink Chaos drawing was born from tiny dots and lines. This is one of my beloved works from Genesis series.

Then, the following pen & ink drawings were Creation of Light, God’s Breath, Creation of Plants and then Creation of a Human Being.

The process of creating Genesis pen & ink drawings

I would like to shed some light on my creating process from scratch to the finall piece of work. In a picture gallery below, you can see some stages of drawing one of my works. I start with drafting general idea and composition. Then, the draft is copied to the piece of high quality Canson Comics & Manga Illustration paper, on which I draw the picture. When I work I let myself be led by my dreams and intuition combined with a strict control of composition and the finall impression I want to achieve.

The whole process of creating my pen & ink art usually takes up a few hours of drawing a day for approximately a month.

The Genesis series is still open and I am occupied with drawing new works. The last one, called Creation of Wind I completed in Autumn 2018. To see the current stage of Genesis pen & ink drawings, visit my PORTFOLIO >