Abstract paintings solo exhibition reception opening

On January 16th, I had a reception opening for my abstract paintings exhibition. The theme title was Hand Notes. It was a big event for me, as creating abstract art didn’t interest me very much up to 2018. Yet, to my surprise I had a lot of positive feedback on my work from the audience. People said, my paintings are very lively, energy boosting and make them feel motivated to act. Below you may see some shots from the opening.

At the beginning of last year, I made a first attempt to create non realistic painting. At first, I have thought it must be easy just to throw randomly colour paints on a canvas. After first steps in abstract theme, I have realized the thing is more complicated it seems to be. It’s probably because my fine art education at high school and then at university studies, I was mainly taught realistic drawing and painting. Soo, creating a piece of art without a real picture in mind, initially caused some problems I had to overcome. With help, the music came.

Listening to Celine Dion greatest hits made me burst with energy that resulted in Lady in Red abstract painting (in the photo below).

‘Lady in Red’ – Acrylic painting, 2018, 23.6 H x 31.5 W (60 x 80 cm)

Several abstracts from Hand Notes series, I have painted with some realistic vision hidden behind colours, shapes, lines and textures. I focused on catching the essence of an imagined piece od reality. Thus, Rainy Night over the City was created (first picture on the left below). Then, symbolic Brightness of God was painted and finally Megalopolis my impression of a big city at early morning hours (the image on the right below).

To see the whole Hand Notes abstract paintings series visit my portfolio.